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Premium Cleanse Terms and Conditions

Your first bottle will be discounted to $5.87 and shipped within 1 business day of purchase. We have a 3 month membership option, but if not selected, you will be enrolled in a 1 month plan. After 15 days of your initial order, you will be billed $77.84 as in our membership program for the trial product in hand, and if you are a 3 month member, you will be sent a new supply 31 days from the initial sale and billed $77.84 for your 2nd bottle, followed by another bottle 30 days later at $77.84 shipping. You can cancel at any time by calling customer service at 888.610.0410 during business hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 11pm / Sat - Sun 11am - 3pm EST. We ship your product the day after you place your order (orders placed Saturday and Sunday will be shipped the following Monday). Please allow 2-5 Business Days for the order to arrive.

Your Premium Cleanse Membership Includes:

  1. A Full 30 Day supply of the Incredible Premium Cleanse Dietary Supplement
  2. Unlimited Phone Support (call as often as you like, any time you need a helping hand or just have a question!)
  3. Unlimited Email Support (if you have something extra sensitive that you don'tt feel like talking about, were here for you)

Membership Billing Details:

  1. To take advantage of our membership program, you must pay the $5.87 membership fee for your initial bottle to start the program. If you don't cancel your trial within 15 days, you will be billed the balance of $77.84.
  2. Because the success rate increases with the time you dedicate, a 30 day supply of Premium Cleanse will be delivered monthly from you original order date ONLY IF THE MONTHLY BOX IS CHECKED, and every month, for 3 months, you will receive a 30 day supply charged to your card at $77.84 shipping, and this will continue for 3 months or until canceled by calling 888.610.0410. (If the monthly membership box is not checked, you will only receive one bottle and will be charged $77.84 ONE TIME after 15 days).
  3. Your first full price billing begins 15 days after your membership start date.
  4. After your 15 day period is over, assuming you are totally blown away with the support and how much better you feel after only two weeks, your first months charge of $77.84 will be billed to your credit card on file
  5. You are not obligated to purchase after you receive your discounted membership bottle and you can cancel anytime.  
  6. Product is shipped within 1 business day from time of order and will arrive within 2-5 business days from shipping.

Cancellations and Refunds

If you choose to cancel before your membership takes affect, all we ask is you let us know where we may have let you down. We immediately stop any future charges, and open your membership up for someone else. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must cancel your membership prior to the expiration of your 15 day membership discount completion to avoid being charged the full monthly fee for your first month. To protect your privacy, your identity must be confirmed by telephone for ANY account changes, including cancellations. A spouse may not cancel another spouse's order.

Full refunds (less $5.87 for shipping) will be granted within 30 days of purchase. Please contact customer service at 888.610.0410 for a RMA # and your refund will be promptly processed, appearing as a credit on the card you used to pay within 2-4 business days. Trial bottles do not need to be returned for a refund, but any subsequent bottles will need to be returned before a credit is processed. Credits will be issued to the card on file within 1 business day of receiving your returned bottle.

If you feel we have not done our job of proving to you that Premium Cleanse program are the best, please call us directly at 888.610.0410 and we answer any questions that you may have.


To Cancel Your Membership call toll free 888.610.0410
To return any product, please mail to:
Attention: NutraBalance, llc. / 4326 S. Scatterfield Rd. Ste 316 Anderson, IN 46013